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Posted on: September 28th 2020

Whitmore High School A Level Results

After an abrupt end to their 6th form life and uncertain few months, Whitmore High School A level resutls photostudents celebrated record-breaking results with 46% of grades awarded A*/A.

The Head of 6th Form, Dan Topley, said "Huge congratulations to our Year 13 cohort! We are so proud of the way that they have dealt with this unprecedented situation and the fantastic results that they have achieved, which reflect the hard work and resilience that they have shown over the last 2 years. In everything that these students have done, they have made a positive contribution to school life and will be a positive asset to the community at large. They are now ready to pursue their passions including Sports scholarships in the USA, Engineering at Oxford University, Medicine, Veterinary Science and some very interesting apprenticeships. I would like to wish them all the best for the future."

NISHEN KAUSHIKA MENERAPITIYAGE DON (Chemistry A*; Maths A*; Further Maths A*; Physics A*) University of Oxford – Engineering Science

"I came to London from overseas and everyone at Whitmore was very kind and welcoming from the start. This provided me with the motivation to do well and bring pride to my school. Everyone at Whitmore has made such a positive impact in my life!"."

EMMA MIDDLETON (Computer Science A*; History A*; Maths A*; Extended Project A*) Southampton University – Computer Science

"I am delighted with my results and can’t wait to go onto the next step of my academic career. I have greatly enjoyed my time at Whitmore, though it has definitely been hard work. I owe a great deal to all the wonderful teachers who have helped me through the years, and will miss the supportive atmosphere the school provides."

ELOISE MAJOR (Chemistry A*; Biology A*; Maths A*; Extended Project A) Harper Adams & Keele University – Veterinary Medicine

"I am excited to go to university and I can’t wait to learn more about a subject about which I am passionate. I would like to thank the school for encouraging me over the past few years and I will never forget my time here."

AFTAB CHHINA (Maths A*, Philosophy and Ethics A*; English Literature A*) University of Oxford – Law

"My time at Whitmore has enriched me immeasurably and I have been challenged academically. I am very excited to start my university journey. If anyone is considering where to go for Sixth form, I would highly recommend Whitmore – my teachers here have enabled me to thrive. I am earnestly looking forward to studying Law at Oxford and to immerse myself."

JACK PEART (Maths A*; History A*; Chemistry A) University of Oxford – Archaeology and Anthropology

"I cannot compare this experience with those of other years, but it has been very stressful waiting for results over which I feel like I have had very little control. I am thankful to have been a student at a highly supportive school and that has undoubtedly had an impact on my outcome."

SOHILA ELBAYOUMY (BTEC Health and Social Care Distinction*, Distinction*, Distinction*) Brunel – Psychology

"Whitmore High School has played a big part in helping me to succeed as they supported me the whole way, and provided me with lots of help whenever I needed it. I am looking forward to lots of things at university but mainly meeting new people, making new friends and studying the course about which I am passionate."

LAWRENCE KENWORTHY (Maths A*; Music A*; Further Maths A*; Physics A*) Durham University – Maths and Computer Science

"It’s a great feeling now that the wait for results is finally over and I’m grateful to have such good results. Whitmore has supported me well and I’ve enjoyed my time here a great deal. I am incredibly excited to be going to Durham in September, even if the experience may somewhat be limited by Coronavirus."

JADE BONNER (Maths A; Further Maths A*; Religious Studies and Philosophy A*) University of Manchester – Maths and Philosophy

"This year has been especially unusual due to the COVID19 outbreak and working from home was difficult, but I am pleased that I am still able to go to university. I am very pleased with my results and my time at Whitmore will be one I’ll never forget."

GABRIELLE HERMAN-KPORHA (BTEC Health and Social Care Distinction-Distinction-Distinction) Nursing – King’s College London

"7 years at Whitmore and what a time it’s been! The last few months have been the most stressful years of my life with not being able to do final exams and the worries about COVID19. I want to say a big thank you to all the staff who have helped me along in my journey."

AZHAR ALI (Maths A*; Further Maths A*; Chemistry A; Physics A*) University of Leeds – Maths

"It was such a huge relief to get such wonderful results, especially after weeks of waiting in terror. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to both Whitmore and my family and friends for giving me both the emotional and academic support to succeed on this journey."

LIAM RAI (Economics A*; Maths A*; Further Maths A*; Physics A; Extended Project A) University of Warwick – Economics

"My experience at Whitmore has been the best and I wouldn’t have picked it over any other place."