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Course Vacancies for Sept 2022

Our Initial Teacher Training programmes for entry in September 2022 are listed below. All HCA teacher training courses are run in partnership with (and accredited by) Middlesex University.
When searching for our vacancies on the Find Postgraduate Teacher Training search portal (, please select to search by ‘school, university of other training provider’ and type in our provider code (1EF). You can then filter by subject.  
To apply for teacher training courses in England you should use Apply for teacher training (, a new GOV.UK service. Apply for teacher training is easy to use and gives clear guidance to help potential teachers make strong applications.
To learn more about the new service and to get help with your application, visit Get into Teaching (

Salaried Programmes

Subject Course Code Bentley Wood Nower Hill
Biology AT74 Y C
Business Studies & Economics C713    
Chemistry E229 Y Y
Computer Science 3BGQ   C
English 375D   A + C
Geography 375K C C
Maths 375X A + C A + C
Music A431    
Physics 3763 Y Y
History   Y  

Postgraduate Teacher Apprenticeship Programmes

Subject Course Code Nower Hill
Biology E226 C
Chemistry E331 Y
Computer Science E332 C
Maths E441 Y
Physics E884 Y

Non-Salaried/PGCE Programmes

Subject Course Code Alperton School Bentley Wood Harrow High Haydon
Biology 374J        
Chemistry 374V C      
Computer Science 374X Y      
English 375G     Y C
Geography 375N   Y   C
History E993       A + C
Maths 375Y Y   Y C
Music TBC   Y    
Physics 3765 C   Y C