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Help Logging In

Sharepoint VLE

Username =

Password = the same as your school password

e.g. if your username is smitha001.310 for the school network, then your Sharepoint username would be

Microsoft Teams

Please click on the link below to download the Student Guide to logging into Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams - Student Guide.pdf


Click here for the GCSEPod Quick Start Guide for Students.

Remember - you set up your own account by typing in your full name and Date of Birth, then typing in 'Whitmore High School' as your school name. Once you've done this, you will set up your own username and password.

It is highly recommended that you set this the same as your school network username and password, but if you forget it, see Mr Gritten to have it reset.


Username = schoolusername.310whs

Password = mflschoolpassword

e.g. if your username is smitha001.310 and your password is tigger4 then your PearsonActiveLearn username would be smitha001.whs and your password would be mfltigger4.