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Posted on: September 28th 2020

Excellent GCSE Results at Whitmore in an unprecedented Year

Gcse results photoStaff and students of Whitmore High School are delighted and thrilled with this year’s GCSE results after the unprecedented events that disrupted the exams plus the unexpected end to the academic year. Ms Sue Hammond, Headteacher, said "I am extremely proud and impressed by the great set of GCSE results that our fantastic students have achieved in these challenging circumstances." Individual successes can be seen throughout the year group, including:

Samini Subramaniam – 10 Nines, 1 Eight, A for FSMQ3 Maths

"Firstly I’d like to thank all my teachers because I definitely would not have been able to achieve these grades without them! Whitmore has not only provided me with academic opportunities but also various extra-curricular clubs so I could pursue my interests and hobbies."

Mudrik Irfan - 8 Nines, 1 Eight, 1 Seven, 1 Six

"I arrived in Year 7 I was a quiet and shy young boy. The staff here have allowed me to grow in confidence and excel in subjects which I struggled in at first. THANK YOU!"

Roisin Jennings – 11 Nines, A in FSMQ3 Maths

"When I first joined in Year 7 I remember being terrified and excited at the prospect of such a big school! I especially like the wide range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities for further learning are great and helped me when initially settling in."

Alexander Cann – 9 Nines, 2 Eights, A for Additional Mathematics

"I have vastly improved in all of my subjects with the help of all the staff and my peers. My biggest personal achievement has been in Music and I went from a likely tone-deaf student in Year 7 to a Level 9 in five short years! I would like to thank my parents, my fellow students and all of the staff … especially the Music department – see you next year!"

Arbion Halili – 7 Nines, 3 Eights, 1 Seven

"I have flourished as a person and have achieved great success at Whitmore with the support of all of my teachers and parents. I have gained confidence and maturity here and I will be forever grateful to the school. I have particularly improved in English (both Literature and Language)."

Anood Mohamed – 3 Nines, 6 eights, 1 Seven, 1 Six

"My Year 9 self would never have expected me to do so well! I can now go on to A Levels and achieve even better."

Tuscany Fairer – 3 Nines, 3 Eights, 1 Seven, 1 Six

"Over the last few months, I have learned that in life you will face many challenges and you may not be able to avoid all of them. But you can face them head-on with bravery and overcome them! Thank you to all of the teachers at Whitmore!"