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Posted on: February 14th 2019

Year 7's Robo-Coding Workshop with Brunel University!!!

On Friday 25th January, we were fortunate to have the STEM (Science, Technology, Robo coding 1Engineering and Maths) ambassadors from Brunel University to teach Year 7 how to robo-code. Robots are now a feature of everyday life: for example, we use a toaster and microwave to make breakfast in the morning, or the Alexa speaker to find out what the weather will be like. We worked in pairs to code Ozobots (little robots) to follow patterns on sheets of paper and work their way around the maze. There was a competition to get your Ozobot from points 1 to 4 on the maze as quickly as possible by choosing different codes to programme it. We all Robo coding 2thought of different imaginative ways to win, thinking outside the box to adapt the track using a special Ozobot pen. We also had a sticker pack which we used to change the Ozobot’s direction, speed it up, slow it down or even make it travel in zig zags. After completing the track, we got to experiment with the Ozobot to see what else it could do. I found the session really engaging and thoroughly enjoyed it. We learnt about a variety of STEM careers that we could pursue in the future. Thank you to Team Brunel who Robo coding 3came in to deliver the session for us.

Robo coding 5Robo coding 4By Gitali 7HYA