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Posted on: September 21st 2018

Whitmore High School A Level Results

The Head of 6th Form, Dan Topley, said, "Congratulations to all of our Year 13 students for a fantastic set of A Level and BTEC results again this year. A huge thank you to the students, teachers and parents for their work and support. The students are off to start their higher education and apprenticeships - an exciting time for them – I know they will be a credit to the school." Read on for the reactions of students on results day…..

Yehia Daebes

(Maths A*; Further Maths A*; Chemistry A*; Biology A; Extended Project A) MSc Maths at King’s College London.

"I appreciate the welcoming teaching environment and will miss this school; leaving Whitmore was not easy on our last day."

Nisreen Saifuddin

(Maths A*; Chemistry A; Biology A) Medicine at St George’s, London University

"I can’t explain the feeling now that my hard work has paid off, thanks to the support from my teachers and friends. I am sad to leave Whitmore after 7 years, but I’m ready to face what comes in the future, in my studies and medical career."

Michelle Jayawardene

(Chemistry A*; Physics A*; Maths A) Chemical Engineering at the University of Groningen, Netherlands

"My teachers always went the extra mile to help me whenever possible, I wouldn’t have achieved the grades I wanted without them."

Rishi Chandarana

(Maths A*; Further Maths A*; Computer Science A; Physics B; Extended Project A) Mathematics with Economics at the London School of Economics.

Rishi, who has a significant visual impairment, commented, "After 7 years of hard work, I have finally finished high school and am delighted to be leaving with grades that are giving me access to a top university. I am happy with the opportunities I have had: to study an Extended Project on my choice of topic and to take part in debating competitions."

Joseph Knight

(Geography A*; Government & Politics A*; History A; Extended Project A*) History at Durham University

"My journey at Whitmore has been a long one but one that has significantly shaped the man I am today. I am delighted with my results and am particularly grateful to the teachers who have enabled me to achieve so highly, even if at times such gratitude was not so obviously apparent! I am now looking forward to studying History at Durham University, in particular political and military history - although some could call me heartless for wanting to study how people die."

Ioana-Lorena Bozedean

(Sociology A; Law A; Spanish A) Law and Criminology at Roehampton University

"I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved: I can only hope that my university experience will be as amazing as my journey at Whitmore has been. I am beyond grateful for all the support and help I have received."

Samsam Hassan

(Law A; Maths A; Biology C) Law at City University

"My time at Whitmore has ended after seven great years. I’m grateful for all the support I have received from my teachers, especially my Law teacher who made me love Law and work to pursue a career in commercial law."

Adil Mohamed

(Chemistry A; Economics A; Maths A) Chemical Engineering at Queen Mary’s University of London.

"Whitmore really supports and pushes you to help you reach your highest potential. My time here really helped me grow both as a person and a student and I will never forget it."

Mira Patel

(Chemistry A*; Biology A; Maths A) Medicine at King’s College London

"After 7 years at Whitmore, I’m thrilled that all my hard work alongside my teachers’ and students’ support has got me to the results I wanted."

Chloe Wretham

(English Language & Literature A*; History A*; Psychology A) studying Psychology at Royal Holloway University

"I’m elated! Years of hard work have paid off and I’m really proud of myself and everyone else for their results. I’ve been through a lot of hardship and it just goes to show that resilience is worthwhile."

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