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Posted on: March 8th 2022

Middle East and Central Asia Display

Middle east and central asia display 1Following on from the success of our whole school Black History and South East Asia displays, we now aim to celebrate all cultures throughout the academic year. This in turn allows us to celebrate the diverse range of cultures and communities we have here at Whitmore High School. All students from all year groups were invited to participate in our newest Middle East and Central Asia display.

Our Central Asia and Middle Eastern timeline sees us celebrating the history and culture of countries including; Turkey, Middle east and central asia display 2Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan in the Middle East and Afghanistan in Central Asia. Students have researched their allocated countries and have created wonderful pieces of work showcasing each country and its history. Their work covers each country's culture in terms of food, celebrations, literature and historical events.

Students have created high quality pieces oMiddle east and central asia display 3f work and will be rewarded with community credits and will have their work on display for the whole school to see. Well done to all the year groups for participating in this celebration of the Middle East and Central Asia! We look forward to the next timeline which will represent Europe.