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Posted on: March 4th 2020


Friday 7th February 2020 was Number Day at Whitmore to raise money for the NSPCC. Number day 1There were many activities set up for students and teachers to enjoy. It was a non-uniform day, which made it even more exciting.

At break-time we held a cake sale in front of the Drama Studio and the cakes on offer were delicious! Thank you to all students and teachers who baked or bought cakes for us to sell.

At lunch time, there were several number-based activities taking place in the Main Hall. The Kahoot (a maths quiz website) competition Number day 2proved very popular with many pairs competing against each other. The Rubik's Cube station was bustling with people who were eager to show off their skills and earn a place on the leader board.

The Riddle Competition was also very popular. Four students competed against each other to answer riddles asked by the teacher. The first one to buzz in was given the opportunity to answer the riddle and if they got it correct they won the point.

My favourite activity was the shape building exercise. There were boxes full of shapes Number day 3that link together. We had to use boxes full of connecting shapes to create the given 3D shape under timed conditions. The fastest one to complete the shape correctly won. It was great fun!

We were delighted to raise £1215.74 for the NSPCC. This money will go towards their work with primary schools and children, who are not as privileged as us.  Thank you to everyone who took part.

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