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Posted on: January 6th 2020

Spelling Bees Working Very Hard This Term!

All Year 7 students embarked on their very first French or German Spelling Bee journey at the beginning of this term. Their mission for five weeks: remember the translation and spelling of 10 new words every week. On Week 6, each form had their Class Competition. All students had one minute to translate and spell accurately as many French/German words as possible in a minute. It was a real joy to see our students take this National Competition, now running for its third year at Whitmore, very seriously and with a lot of dedication. Students took the opportunity during lunchtime to practise, help and test each other. The MFL Team is really proud of the achievement of every student.

Congratulations to the students below who came in the top three of their form. They will now compete for the three places to represent Whitmore High School at the Regional French/German Spelling Bee competition against other schools in March.

Very well done Year 7s!

Spelling bee