This section will have a list of any job vacancies that are open in the school.

Interested in training as a teacher in Maths, Science or English? 

If so, read up on the opportunities in the School Direct programme.

Vacancies Closing Date
Drama Teacher 6th June 2016 9 am
D&T Technician 7th June 2016
Receptionist 7th June 2016

Please note: All Jobs applications must be in by noon on the specified day, unless stated otherwise.

For more information on these posts or any general enquiries, please phone: Mrs Hartley (Secretary) on 020 8864 7688

A   = Advert
JD  = Job Description

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  3. D &T Technician 20160607 A
  4. D &T Technician 20160607 JD
  5. Drama Teacher 20160606-0900 A
  6. Drama Teacher 20160606-0900 JD
  7. Receptionist 20160607 A
  8. Receptionist 20160607 JD