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Posted on: July 17th 2018

Year 10 Get a Taste of Oxford

Oxford 1We started the day in the centre of Oxford, walking down the various streets and lanes of the picturesque town. We visited many buildings of the old city, including several colleges and the famous Bodleian library, which was used in the filming of the Harry Potter movies.

Our formal introduction to Oxford universityOxford 2 began at the entrance to St. John’s College, and from there our guide walked us to a very lovely room, where we were given a very important document: the prospectus. We took part in a hunt to find some specific entries in it, and then we were given an enlightening presentation on the importance of "super curricular" activities and what we could expect to do if we were to apply for university.

Oxford 3Next, we were taken on a tour of the college and its 1960s-style dormitories. Lunch, the most important meal of the day, was delicious during which we thoroughly enjoyed quizzing the students about their lives.

We spent the rest of the day at the nearby museum, and we left incredibly excited for our prospects after high school.

By Jonny de Cruz, Jamie Harrington, Rowan Nagle and Hannah Parsons

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