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Assessment & Reporting

At Whitmore, the progress of every student is regularly and rigorously monitored, and reported formally to parents three times per year.

Parents are invited to attend an annual Parents' Consultation Evening to discuss the progress of their child with his or her Form Tutor and subject teachers.

Homework effort grades

Throughout the school, effort in homework is graded on a scale from -2 (cause for concern) to +2 (excellent). Parents are alerted by email or text message if there is a problem with their child's homework.

Years 7 & 8

In the lower school students' are graded using the W levels, these measure the students in the context of the whole year group and against targets which are based on prior attainment. Students' work is marked regularly and carefully, and all students are given frequent opportunities to respond to feedback and improve their work.

GCSE, AS and A level

From Year 9 upwards, students are preparing for public examinations. As a result, work is assessed using GCSE or A level grades. At GCSE, work is graded at grades 9-1. At AS and A level, work is graded at A*-E.

As in the lower school, work is marked according to a rigorous assessment policy, giving students regular opportunities to respond to feedback and to improve their work.