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Governing Body

To contact any of our governing body, please contact the school.




Appointed End of term

Emma Stabler (Chair)

Co-opted non-staff


August 2023 August 2027

James Rebbitt

Headteacher GRC N/A N/A

Mike Bishop

Co-opted non-staff

GRC (Chair)

August 2023 August 2027


LA Governor




Sarah Butterworth Co-opted non-staff   September 2023 September 2027

Dave Corby

Co-opted non-staff

HSBP (Chair)

August 2023 August 2027
Maria Dingle

Co-opted non-staff

HSBP January 2021 January 2025

Duncan Drysdale

Co-opted non-staff


August 2023 August 2027

Laurence Hedges

Co-opted non-staff

Vice chair

Safeguarding Link


October 2023

October 2027

Cory Lawrence

Co-opted non-staff


June 2023

June 2027

Janina Zachopoulos-Butler

Co-opted Staff

HSBP May 2020 May 2024
Saud Mohamed Parent Governor   October 2020 September 2024
Bethan Gray  Staff HSBP July 2021 July 2025
George Rance Co-opted Staff   November 2023 November 2027
Mohamed Madar Parent Governor HSBP January 2022 January 2026
Dhruv Pandya Parent Governor GRC January 2022 January 2026
Kenisha Jackson

Parent Governor

SEN Link

  November 2022 November 2026
Ariz Al-Hilli Parent Governor HSBP November 2022 November 2026

Ex-Governors (previous 12 months)

Muhammad Shoaib Parent Governor until March 2023    
Arti Gager Co-opted Non Staff until August 2022    
Larraine Bristow Parent Governor until August 2022    


GRC = Governors' Resource Committee
HSBP = Health, Safety,  Buildings & Premises Committee.
Governing Body Terms of Reference