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Quote Source
In this school every child matters. The rigorous attention the school pays to ensuring all students succeed and achieve to fulfill their full potential makes Whitmore an outstanding school. OFSTED Report 2007
The school is highly effective in ensuring barriers to students’ achievement are removed through the outstanding care, guidance and support it provides. OFSTED Report 2007
The headteacher’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated in the very high expectations she and her staff have of students. OFSTED Report 2007
…the targets that every student is set are challenging and exceed national expectations. The students are then supported to meet these targets; as a result their achievement is outstanding. OFSTED Report 2007
The school has rigorous systems for tracking every student and supporting those that are at risk of underachieving. OFSTED Report 2007
Students enter the school with attainment in line with expectations for their age; they make outstanding progress, whatever their starting point, and achieve standards that are above the national average. OFSTED Report 2007
A student told inspectors, ‘this school cares about other cultures and traditions.' OFSTED Report 2007
The overwhelming majority of parents say their children enjoy school, are making good progress and are well cared for. OFSTED Report 2007
The percentage of students who gained five or more GCSE grades at the highest level in 2006 was significantly higher than the national average. OFSTED Report 2007
Students enjoy learning and take tremendous pride in their school. OFSTED Report 2007
Students have few concerns about poor behaviour or bullying and are confident that when it happens it is dealt with effectively. OFSTED Report 2007
Teachers are highly committed to ensuring all learners succeed and achieve well. OFSTED Report 2007
Care guidance and support are outstanding OFSTED Report 2007
The approach which links support for both the pastoral and academic is one of the outstanding features of the school; staff know their students exceptionally well. OFSTED Report 2007
Personalised support ensures that students who need help are identified early, given effective support and make good progress as a result. OFSTED Report 2007




Welcome to Whitmore High School

Sue HammondIt is my pleasure on behalf of the governors, staff and students to welcome you to the school.

Whitmore High School is a mixed comprehensive school with an excellent record of achievement. Students are expected to achieve the highest standards of work and behaviour in a positive, friendly but disciplined atmosphere. Our staff are highly qualified and passionate about ensuring all students reach their full potential and we work closely with parents to achieve this aim.

In our latest full OFSTED inspection we were delighted inspectors graded the school as Outstanding, a grade confirmed by OFSTED annually in their interim assessments. In the report inspectors commented on the “outstanding progress made by students”, our “ethos of support, care and mutual respect that helps every student feel safe and valued” and “the excellent arrangements made to support students new to the school … ensuring a smooth transition and successful start”. A full copy of the report is enclosed with this prospectus.

We care for our students as individuals; we stretch and challenge them to achieve their very best in all aspects of school life; we provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities and we support them to be happy, confident and successful.  We want all our students to have fond memories of their time here.

The school is popular and has been oversubscribed for many years. We have close and supportive links with our local primary schools, but are also pleased to welcome students from outside this cluster.

If you would like a personal interview and/or a visit to the school during a normal working day, we are happy to organise this. Please contact Mrs. Hartley, the school secretary, to make an appointment.

Susan Hammond

    We are delighted to share with you the school’s OFSTED report which rates the school as ‘Outstanding’ and recognises the hard work, commitment and positive contribution of staff, students, parents and carers and governors at Whitmore.

    Click here to see report.


    Thursday 17th October: Sixth Form Information Evening 6.30pm-8.30pm

    'Whitmore High School is extremely proud to celebrate another year of strong exam results in the GCSEs and A levels examinations'

    Please click here for the Year 11 Easter Revision Timetable 2014

    Please click here for the Year 12 & 13 Easter Revision Timetable 2014

    GCSE results:
    71% of students achieved 5 or more A*-C grades, including English and Maths
    80% of students achieved 5 or more A*-C grades
    63 students achieved 5 or more A*/A grades

    A level results:
    57%  of students achieved A*-B 

    School Prospectus
    The school prospectus can be obtained from the school website or by contacting the school.