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Extended Project Qualification

Our Sixth Form students have the opportunity to take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).  This is a free-standing research qualification at A level standard, worth half an A level in UCAS points; it involves an exploration of an area of personal interest or activity outside their main programme of study.
They research and write a 5000 word essay or create an artefact and report on the process.  The qualification is assessed on the whole project: their management skills, use of resources, communication and decision making skills and final essay/artefact.  The students comment on how the qualification prepares them thoroughly for their independent study at university.
Below, please find the links to some EPQ projects by Whitmore students which demonstrate the range of research projects undertaken and the quality that is achieved.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Date  
EPQ Project by Awadhy Mohammed.pdf 03rd Jul 2018 Download
EPQ Project by Yehia Daebes.pdf 03rd Jul 2018 Download