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Posted on: June 28th 2019

Artful Maths Club

Artful Maths club is every Tuesday after school, and open for all year groups. It is very Artful maths 1informative and we have so much fun while working on different types of tasks. We have worked on many patterns: curves of pursuit, drawing cardioid, nth term, symmetry and other really cool topics. We enjoy creating different patterns, linked to the mathematical geometry, which are relaxing, and learning at the same time!

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Some thoughts from the students involved: ''I enjoy Artful Maths club because we make stunning patterns and models. The teachers are really kind and teach in a humorous manner. Everyone is supportive and helpful. Making patterns with symmetryArtful maths 3 and nth terms was really unique and fun!''

"Possibly my all-time favourite club! Working on geometry and creating new designs, this experience has shown me a completely different side of mathematics."

"Mathematics is challenging, but we can ENJOY the challenges."

By:Ananya and Sanica

Year 7 DXS

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