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Posted on: March 29th 2018

A-Level Media Studies Trip to the Guardian

Guardian news trip

On Wednesday 28 February, 25 A-Level Media Studies students headed into central London to the headquarters of one of the UK’s largest news institutions, The Guardian. We were very fortunate to be selected to attend an educational workshop that the newspaper offers for schools all over the UK. The workshop our students were part of was based on Editorial Teams.

In this workshop students were educated on the various roles and procedures that are Guardian news triprequired for producing a newspaper at a national level. Students were organised into different editorial teams and assigned different roles i.e. Sports Editor, World News Editor etc. Over the course of the day students were subject to a simulation as to what journalists and editors experience in a news room: demanding deadlines, breaking news, editing and article writing. At the end of the workshop each team produced a four-page newspaper completely from scratch, a very impressive feat!

Guardian news tripIt was a rewarding experience for both students and teachers as it offered a first-hand glimpse into the news media world which is covered in the A-Level Media specification, as well as inspiring students to pursue further interests in this field.