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Posted on: March 29th 2018

Mastermind Competition

Mastermind CompetitionOn February 8th 2018, a group of 10 Year 9 students participated in a charity quiz called ‘Mind in Harrow’, which was organized by Mr Rake. It was a very competitive and fun quiz including a Starter, Subject and General Knowledge round.

The quiz was set to start at 1pm, however, we arrived at Harrow School 15 minutes early to give our minds a chance to prepare. The walk was a little tiring as it was very much an uphill battle, but our team stayed resilient and we made it.

When we arrived at Harrow School we took a picture of the team in the amazing Mastermind Competitionscenery and among some rather magnificent buildings, we then went inside the Butler Centre where all the schools in Harrow would fight to be crowned the Mastermind of Harrow winners and they would receive a magnificent glass trophy presented by Harrow Times editor Adam Shaw. There was a great sense of eagerness and all schools prepared themselves to battle it out. Whitmore had high expectations as in years past we clenched second place. After some brief refreshments we took our seats and the group of 10 split in half. One team was ‘Brilliant Whitmore’ which consisted of Asma, Alex, Ewan, Roisin and myself. The second team was ‘Awesome Whitmore’ which was made up of - Ashika, Navin, Haamid, Najib and Zainab. The teams worked extremely well together and this teamwork was a contributing factor to our positive experience.

Mastermind CompetitionThe first round was a starter quiz consisting of different subjects and both teams worked hard and used their ‘great minds’ to win as many points as possible. The 5 other rounds were topics related to English, maths, science, art, music and humanities. Both teams scored well in these rounds and left themselves well placed moving into the final section.

The last round was a General Knowledge quiz in which ‘Awesome Whitmore’ scored amazingly well up against tough opponents. Finally, all the schools got together to take a group picture for the Harrow Times for their article on this amazing fundraising event. All in all, I believe this was an amazing opportunity and everyone had great fun and all for a good cause.

Overall it was a very enjoyable trip and I would like to thank Mr Rake for helping us raise the £1200 and prepare us for the tough competition.

By-Uzair Hussain 9LE