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Posted on: March 20th 2018

Medical Day Workshop at Barnet and Southgate College

Sanjula Hettiarachchige 10 SA Medical day workshop

On the 31st January eight Year 11 students and seven Year 10 students went to Barnet College as part of a ‘Careers in Medicine’ workshop day accompanied by Miss Watson and Miss Prest. After travelling to the college, we were introduced to a number of other schools who we were going to work with, as well as medical students who are currently studying medicine.

Medical day workshopTo start the workshop, we were given a talk by two current students who told us what life is like as a medical student and the qualifications needed to begin a career in medicine. Afterwards, all the schools were split into three groups, each of which would take part in different workshops throughout the day.

The first workshop was ‘Diagnosis’. Here, we learnt the steps taken to diagnose patients, beginning with uncovering their history (the background of the patient and the events leading up to illness) to treatments where the appropriate solution is prescribed.

Secondly, we were introduced to the ‘CPR’ workshop. We all obtained an invaluable skill thatMedical day workshop would ultimately be able to save lives in the event of an emergency. The medical students taught us that if a person has fallen unconscious and is not breathing, then CPR should be administered. For practise, we were given the unique opportunity to use dummies to simulate CPR in a real life situation.

Our third and final workshop was in anatomy. Undoubtedly, the highlight of this workshop was seeing a fellow pupil control a robotic arm via electrode patches connected to his arm. One huge Medical day workshopbenefit of such technology is that it would be able to help people with amputations.

Lastly, we had the amazing opportunity to ask questions aimed at two junior doctors. They gave us the bigger picture of what it is like to be a doctor and the hard work and dedication it takes to become a senior physician.

Overall, the ‘Careers in Medicine’ workshop has given me a much bigger insight into the life of a medical student and a junior doctor and helped me make informed decisions into a future in this career.