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Posted on: September 19th 2017

Whitmore High School A Level Results

A level results

A selection of comments from our Year 13s

Serena Parekh

A* History, A Classical Civilisations, B Maths, A* Extended Project Qualification

Oxford University to study History

"I’ve really enjoyed my time at Whitmore and would like to thank my teachers for all their encouragement. I cannot wait to see what the next three years have in store for me!"

Ariana Abawe

A* Art, A Religious Studies, B English

Brunel University to study Journalism

"My experience at Whitmore has been like living in a film with a happy ending. I hope to become a journalist who will have a real impact."

Louis Sharpe

Triple Distinction Star in BTEC Sports Extended Diploma

University College of Football Business (UCFB) to study Football Coaching and Management

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Whitmore. It has allowed me to find a career pathway that I wish to pursue. The supportive staff have motivated and fostered my interest in football coaching."

Isaac Rego

A* Computing, A Maths, A Further Maths

University of Warwick to study Computer Science

"I am thrilled to be beginning a new chapter of my life after exceeding my expectations. Studying A Levels at Whitmore has been a fantastic experience that has prepared me for university life and beyond."

Antonio Dechausay

A Maths, A* Further Maths, A Physics

University of Sussex to study Physics with Astrophysics

"Whitmore has supported me really well throughout my A Levels and helped me to achieve better grades than I thought would ever be possible."

Aisha Musa

A Maths, A Biology, B Chemistry, A Extended Project Qualification

St George’s, University of London to study Medicine

"I will miss Whitmore! With the help of my teachers, I have been able to aim high and achieve it. Whitmore has helped me to focus on my goals and develop my self-confidence."

Husam Ul-Haq

A* Economics, A ICT, A Maths

Loughborough University to study Economics

"My time at Whitmore has been very enjoyable and I know that my experience at Whitmore will help me to make smart decisions in the coming years."

Lewis Nagle

A* Maths, A* Further Maths, A Physics, A* Extended Project Qualification

University of Manchester to study Physics with Astrophysics

"I honestly cannot thank Whitmore enough, its staff and its students for making me the person that I am. School is not just about studying but also becoming a well-rounded person who is ready for the world. I can’t wait to go to university, meet new people and continue to develop my understanding of Physics and the world around me."

Muhammed Ali Mehmood

A* Maths, A Physics, A ICT

King’s College London to study Computer Science

"I am thankful to have had the opportunity to study at Whitmore. It has opened the door to the career I have always wanted and I look forward to the university experience and all that it entails."

Suman Paudel

A* Maths, A Chemistry, A Physics

Warwick University to study Physics

"Whitmore and its teachers have gone above and beyond to help me succeed. Even if my questions have not been directly related to the course, they have taken the time to help me and further develop my understanding. Although the future is unknown, what I have learned from Whitmore is that it all works out in the end!"

Pooja Patel

A Chemistry, A Biology, A English Literature, A* Extended Project Qualification

University of Liverpool to study Medicine

"My 7 years at Whitmore have been, and will continue to be, the best of my life. My experiences here have shaped me as a person and I will be forever grateful to the school and its staff for helping me to reach my full potential."