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Posted on: June 23rd 2017

Work Related Learning - Year 10 Interview Experience

Work Related LearningA wide range of representatives from local industry, universities, colleges and other major organisations came into school to interview our Year 10 students.  The purpose was to give the students an opportunity to experience a formal work related interview before they go on work experience in July.  The interview lasted up to 30 minutes with the advisor discussing the student’s CV, giving advice on its presentation and how to improve the content.

The students were asked what they had learnt from the experience which would help them with future interviews. They responded with a wide range of answers:-

Work Related Learning" A smile, good eye contact and a firm handshake gets the interview off to a very good start, as creating a good first impression is really important".

"I now know how to structure my CV so that it reflects me as a person and emphasises my qualities so I stand out".

"You have to be prepared with questions in advance and also do some research on the company that you are going to work for".

"A CV should be easy to read, with bullet points, so that it can be read easily but still create an impact".

"The experience taught me how to cope with the pressure of an interview situation and also what an employer would expect".

Work Related Learning"I learnt that giving examples as evidence to back up a point in your CV and during the interview is really powerful".

"I really enjoyed the interview and the feedback was really useful – it helped me realise I can build on my strengths and develop essential interview skills".

"The most important thing I learnt was to believe in myself and my qualities. I now have the confidence to reach for my dreams and stop doubting myself".

The advisors also gained much from the 2 day experience and responded by saying:-

Work Related Learning"It was amazing to meet such delightful students and good to see they were already thinking about what they wanted to do in the future".

" All the students were respectful and talented. I really enjoyed meeting them and would love to come to the school again".

"The students were very focussed and their behaviour was exemplary".

"The students came across as professional and ambitious and had been extremely well prepared for the event".

"I thought the concept of the day was extremely useful to the students for the future. I was also stunned by the calibre of the students".

"All students took the interview seriously and were keen to be given feedback and Work Related Learningadvice on how to improve. They were ambitious and aiming high and on their way to playing a full and active part in society".

Thank you very much to everyone involved with organising and participating in this very worthwhile event.

V Sullivan - Careers Co-ordinator