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Posted on: October 21st 2022

Whitmore High School A Level Results

A level results headerThe Head of Year 13, Selina Arora, said: “I am so exceptionally proud of our students whose performance in these exams has been superb. Our students have performed above the national average, with 45% obtaining A*/A.

The students have demonstrated so much resilience in what has been a challenging environment.   Our students continued to turn up every day with focus and a positive attitude, and carried on working to the best of their ability - and today they can reap the rewards of their hard work! We congratulate the class of 2022 for the legacy they leave behind and wish them all the best for their future endeavours - they truly deserve it!”

Ava Utting (Maths A, Computer Science A*, English Literature A*, EPQ A*) studying Computer Science at University of Nottingham:

“I am extremely grateful for all the help I have received from my teachers and my peers in the last 7 years. I am looking forward to furthering my passion for Computer Science in a new environment. Thank you Whitmore!”

Alexander Cann (Music A*, English Literature A*, Maths A*) studying Classical Composition at Guildhall School of Music and Drama: “Whitmore has given me the skills to go on to study at the highest level.”

Anood Mohamed (Maths A*, Chemistry A, Economics A*) studying Pharmacy at Kings College London:

“A levels are proof that hard work pays off. I am so glad for all my teachers in Whitmore who have helped me and seen me grow since Year 7.”

Shiv Patel (D* D* D* in BTEC Sport Level 3 Diploma) studying International Football Business at University Campus of Football Business:

“My time at Whitmore was really good, as I really enjoyed all the modules I studied due to a high interest in sport. The teachers throughout my 2 years were really supportive and eager of me to achieve the best possible grade.”

Andrei Cravtov (Computer Science A*, Maths A*, Further Maths A*) studying Computer Science at University of Warwick:

“I believe Computer Science is a tool for change and Whitmore High School made this tool within my reach.”

Aadhavan Jasotharan (Further Matths A*, Maths A* Physics A*) studying Aerospace Engineering at Queen Mary University London:
“Hard work always pays off.”

Navin Jegatheesan (Further Maths A*, Maths A*, Physics A Chemistry A, studying General Engineering at Sheffield University:

“I would like to thank all the teachers at Whitmore for assisting me throughout the years. ”

Haamid Ali (Further Maths A*, Maths A*, Computer Science A*) studying Mathematics at Durham University:

“I am happy with my results and am excited to start university. I would like to thank Mr Shah, Mr Mehta and Mrs Warwick.”

Shomari McCollin-Johnson (D* D* D* in BTEC Sport Level 3 Diploma)) studying Sport and Exercise Science at Brunel University:

“My time at Whitmore has been a great experience for me as I was able to learn so many new things about myself during this time. The teachers are very supportive over exams and coursework; and guided me in the right direction.”

Ruthie Cerny (Art A*, Music A, Maths A) studying Music at Goldsmiths London:  

“I can’t say I am too sad about leaving Whitmore because I know they have left me well prepared for my future. ”