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Posted on: December 17th 2021

Year 8 Career Work

The Year 8 team recently hosted a Careers Workshop led by representatives from theYear 8 career workshop Department for Work and Pensions. There were four sessions in total, which provided an opportunity for the students to acquire valuable career guidance from professional careers advisers from Harrow and Hillingdon Job Centre. Students gained an insight into the importance of reflecting on their individual needs when pursuing their career aspirations and learnt how to ask career-related answers.

As the world of work is constantly changing, the aim of the workshop was to improve understanding of future careers, in particular, what the careers environment will look like in the future. Students learnt how important it is to plan for their future from today, using their abilities and personalities to develop ideas about what they would like to do as a profession.

In the first workshop session, students learnt how to prepare for their future in  selecting GCSE courses that are related to the career or occupation they would like toYear 8 career workshop 1 pursue. Students were shown how to assess themselves, to get to know themselves, what they enjoy, and their likes and dislikes. During the session, they discussed how to develop the necessary skills to improve their career options, and learnt what kind of higher education options they should choose, based on their self-assessment.

In the second workshop session students studied how a particular subject is connected to future employment. For example, studying History and Geography mightYear 8 career workshop 2 aid future Archaeology Studies. 

During the remaining two workshop sessions, there was an opportunity to engage in a variety of hands-on activities. Students learnt about employability skills and how their daily routine at school and home might help them prepare for their future. It also helped students gain a good understanding of themselves as they explored their skills. This improved their confidence by further motivating them to pursue suitable professional career paths.

It is never too early to start thinking and exploring where our skills and interests could lead us!

Thank you to Susan Mehmi for presenting to our students with such engaging, enlightening and informative sessions.