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Posted on: June 29th 2021

Team Building Activity Day for Year 7

On Tuesday 8th June 2021, 80 students from Year 7 were invited to participate in teamTeam building 1 building activities, which was organised by Mr Denby and the Year 7 team. The external company came to our school and the event took place for the whole day in our own school! The company staff were very encouraging and inspiring throughout all the activities. During the day, students participated in 6 different activities, which involved mental and physical challenges, and team work to solve complex problems.

One of the activities called ‘Toxic Waste’, was very interesting and thought-provoking.Team building 2 There were three heavy cylinders and a big box which could not stay open by itself. We were required to pick the cylinders (‘full of toxic waste’) without dropping them on the floor, as it could contaminate the environment of the local area (with the imaginary toxic effect). We had to use rope to pick up the toxic cylinder, as we were not allowed to use our hands to handle the toxic material. I found this challenge very unusual, however our team completed the task successfully and scored the most points as we Team building 3were the fastest team to complete the  tasks. While working on this activity we learnt the importance of team-work; each of us had to use our abilities and skills to play our role effectively. Each team member was equally important to reach to our collective goal.

The most fun challenge was the number challenge, my favourite. There were numbers scattered around a square from 1 to 30. Only one person was allowed to put their foot in the square at a time, with the aim of touching each number in order with their feet. The rest of the team members needed to use their communication skills to guide the participant. Every single team member had a turn. The fastest one scored maximum points. As a group we came with a creative strategy and managed to complete the task within 9.99 seconds. We were so proud of ourselves and celebrated enthusiastically. When we finished the activity, we realised that our team was successful because we all contributed and listened to each other’s ideas. These types of activities are great examples of how working together can help us to Team building 5solve problems and achieve our goals.

Team building 4This day was a great opportunity for us, as it made us understand the importance of team work, and how it can be very useful for our future. We made many new friends during the day, as our teams were organised by teachers, as a result students were mixed from different Form groups. Sometimes, we wouldn’t talk to some students as they are not in our form, but during these activities we all shared same goals, which required a strong team work ethos.

Amy (7JAW) & Ajani (7SBY)