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Posted on: November 2nd 2020

Whitmore Celebrates the Oxford University Scholars Programme

University scholars programm 1On Wednesday 14th October, 12 of our Year 11 students attended an in school Graduation event to celebrate their achievements on the Scholars Programme that took place last academic year. Head of Year 11, Mr Imoru, awarded certificates to all of the students who took part. Mr Rebbit and Ms Hammond also joined in to congratulate our scholars on their achievements.

During the event, our scholars viewed well done video messages from past alumni of the Scholars programme who have gone on to attend prestigious university courses. They learned about different types of universities and listened to students who are currently studying at Kings College London and Bristol University.

The students also participated in a reflection activity, which was led by an ex-participant of the Scholars Programme and is now in his second year of university studying Medicine at Imperial College London. Our students identified a range of skills which they had developed during the Programme. This included academic essay writing skills which our Year 11 students will find very valuable as they complete their GCSE studies this year.

At the start of the programme in January, our students visited Wadham College, Oxford University for the programme launch trip. They then attended a series of seven university style tutorials with a PhD graduate. They learned about academic writing: research and evidence, how to develop an argument, as well as how to critically evaluate a written piece of work. All essential skills for success at university.

Students completed their final assignment this term. These pieces of work were marked with university style grading and students received detailed feedback from their tutor. This final assignment was challenging and pitched at a level above where our students are currently working in school and we are hugely proud of the effort that the students have put in to graduate from this programme.

The following students achieved a 1st Class grading for their work:

Zaynab 11MCW, Md. Abuansari 11NXJ, Emma 11CRW, Madison 11MCW, Giuliana 11AJR,

The following students achieved a 2nd Class division 1 grading for their work:

Mariam 11NXJ, Sally 11SYI, Yasin 11RKM, Zahir 11CRW, Biraven 11CRW, Ta'Shy 11ICG,

We would like to congratulate all of our students on their high level of commitment and achievement in this programme – we are sure that this experience will support them in their future career choices.

We hope that other students will be keen to apply for the Scholars Programme in the coming academic year. Watch out for up and coming opportunities!

Ms Piras-McEvoy

University scholars programm 2