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Posted on: December 3rd 2019

So You Want to be A Doctor

So you want to be a doctor 1We were extremely lucky this week to have a visit fromSo you want to be a doctor 2 a junior doctor, our ex-student Assad Kido who studied medicine at Leicester University.

Assad delivered a drop in session on Tuesday lunchtime for Year 7 – Year 11 students where students were able to ask questions about what life as a doctor is like. This was followed by Year 12 aspiring medics having the opportunity of asking for information and advice on what they should be doing now, in Year 12, to help them in applying to medicine later on.

Assad very kindly then came in on Wednesday to meet our large cohort of Year 13 students who have applied to medical school this year. He gave mock interview questions to help them prepare for the interviews season that will be coming up very soon.

It was an interesting but demanding experience for our students and immensely helpful. Please find some comments from the students themselves below.

So you want to be a doctor 3‘We were very privileged to attend mock interview preparation by a previous student. Each and every one of us had the chance to answer at least one very difficult question. Feedback from Assad was very helpful and we now know what we need to work on to improve. We had many questions and doubts which he cleared up as he answered in great depth and with his own experience and insight.

Overall we are very thankful that Ms Sullivan organised for Assad to come in as it was such a worthwhile experience and gave us a taste of what our interview for medical school will be like.’ Narayani Year 13 Aspiring Medic

‘Dr Kido came in to talk about his journey starting with being a student in the Sixth So you want to be a doctor 4Form here; then on to medical school and then finally becoming a junior doctor. He gave us invaluable information, tips and insight, not only in getting into medical school but also on life as a medical student and junior doctor.

We had the opportunity of asking many interesting questions and the answers were really useful to us all.

I would like to thank Ms Sullivan for organising this event and also thank Dr Kido for coming along to inspire students in Whitmore to become future medical students themselves.’

James Year 12 Aspiring Medic

We are very lucky indeed that our ex-students come back to us and are able to give us such high calibre first-hand information and advice to our students.

Ms Sullivan

Careers Coordinator, November 2019