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Posted on: December 3rd 2019

Outward Bound Residential Trip

Outward bound residential trip 1On Monday 28th October 23 students, Mrs Roberts, Mr Delaney and Miss Perks set off to the Lake District for 5 days. Our centre was based in Howton, Penrith which is situated on Ullswater lake, a stunning area of the Lake District. During the week there, students got the opportunity to challenge themselves across a range of different outdoor environments, including trekking up a fell mountain, scrambling through and up a gorge, canoeing and jumping into the Ullswater lake. Students also completed an expedition, which included a mountain hike, an overnight stay where they set up tents and camped on the mountain, hiking back down the mountain and finally canoeing up the lake to return to the centre the following day. The different activities students faced pushed and tested their resilience, confidence and leadership skills. Students worked with highly skilled instructors to complete the activities and overcame fears and completed tasks they wouldn’t have dreamt possible before the trip. At the end of the Outward bound residential trip 2week the instructors helped students to create an action plan of what they had learnt and how they can transfer those skills back into the classroom. Well done to all year 8s who took part in the journey and we look forward to those skills being translated into school life.

Student quotes:

Cali-Rae 8AFH: I had a lovely time in Howton at the Outward Bound Centre.

It showed if I put my mind to something I can do it. I also pushed myself to get to the end of something by repeating the words resilience and determination and this really helped me when out on my expedition and camping on the mountain.

Ali 8DXH: I really enjoyed the trip as it showed how much I can push myself and it Outward bound residential trip 3showed the abilities I had that I never knew I had. For example my determination when scrambling up the mountain. I was able to push myself and support others around me who needed help.

Israa 8JAD: This trip showed me strengths that I never knew I had. It taught me that saying you can’t do something means you don’t want to do it or you haven’t tried your hardest. I have really enjoyed this trip as it has made me get to know other people from our year group that I never knew or were never friends with.

Abdifatah 8ACA: I loved the trip and I had a great time experiencing new challenges which enabled me to identify my strengths and to work on my weaknesses in a supportive environment. I overcame many fears and I loved it!